Minne is an Indian word meaning water while polis is a Greek word meaning city. Minneapolis and Saint Paul make up the twin cities. It is home to many lakes and parks. The Mississippi River bisects the city into two. The city is also home to a contemporary museum, many cultural landmarks such as the Walker Art Center and the popular Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, just to mention a few.

Minneapolis is also the center of America’s largest farming area. Whatever reason you’re visiting the Minneapolis city, there are lots of things to do and see. The city caters for needs of all sorts of visitors, ranging from adults to kids. Here are the top landmarks to visit in Minneapolis:

Top 4 Must-Visit Landmarks in Minneapolis

  1. The Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Institute of Arts is home to a large collection of artistic works in various styles sourced from different countries. For instance, it displays the great works of Rembrandt and Rubens who were masters in Europe. Dating back to 5000 years, most of the works of art displayed at the galleries in the Institute of Arts are rich in cultures of various times in history.

It displays sculptures, paintings, photographs, textiles, drawings and prints. There’s no better place to marvel at the great works of man and find inspiration than at this landmark in Minneapolis. It’s located at 2400 3rd Avenue South.

  1. The Minnehaha Park

The Minnehaha Park is located to the southeast of Minneapolis city and runs along the Mississippi River. Home to the 55 feet high Minnehaha Falls, the park is one of the city’s greatest treasures. It also features the statues of Minnehaha, Hiawatha and Longfellow’s ‘Song of Hiawatha’ main characters.

Covering 193 acres of land, the park is Minneapolis’ the oldest and largest park with beautiful scenery. It has space for picnics and trails for bikers and those who love working out such as walkers and runners. The park is located at 4801 South Minnehaha Park Drive.

  1. The Frederick R Weisman Art Museum

Located at 333 East River Road, the Frederick Art Museum was built within the premises of the University of Minnesota. Its architecture doesn’t just highlight the campus, but also the city at large. The four-storey building is attractive with a stainless steel structure and unique shape. The museum presents American art from the 20th century to-date.

The Public Art on Campus program was developed at the university as an inspiration of the museum to promote budding artists.

  1. The Guthrie Theater

Founded on May, 7 in 1963, the Guthrie Theater was established by Sir Tyrone Guthrie who directed a Hamlet production during the opening. Home to contemporary and classic productions, the theater is the place to watch Shakespeare’s plays.

In 2006, a new, unique building was developed along the Mississippi River to feature large past performances’ exterior. The theater is located at 818 South Second Street.

Other top landmarks in the city include the Children’s Theater Company, the American Swedish Institute, the Mill City Museum, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the Walker Art Center, among others.

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