Your home’s gutter system is often an underrated feature of your home. It effortlessly transports water away from your roofing system and your home, protecting it from water damage. 

As local Minnesota gutter specialists, we know how important a functional gutter system is to the homeowners of Minnetonka, an area that receives about 32 inches of rain annually. 

At Prominent Construction, we take every gutter installation seriously. Using only premium gutter materials, you can be assured that your gutter system will function optimally due to our customized installation process and dedicated gutter professionals. 


Types of Gutters We Install

There are many gutter variations on the market today. Whatever your style preference or budget limitations are, there are options available for your  Minnetonka home. These are some of them: 


Copper Gutter Systems

Copper gutter systems are visually appealing and incredibly long-lasting. They’re long-lasting and are rust-resistant. However, they are one of the costlier gutter system options.


Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are an affordable gutter system option that offers homeowners long-lasting benefits and effective water transportation. Seamless gutters are customized to fit your roofing system, guaranteeing their effectiveness. 


Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are less likely to clog or suffer corrosion. However, while this gutter option is highly affordable, they’re not equipped to hold large amounts of water. 


Gutter Guards

Gutter guards ensure the effective transportation of water by preventing dirt and debris from clogging your gutter system. They’re a great way to keep your gutter clean and functioning well. 


The Leaders In Gutter Installation Services

At Prominent Construction, we pride ourselves on being Minnetonka’s go-to gutter specialists. We always put the needs of our customers first and ensure that every gutter and roofing project is completed with complete transparency efficiency. For more information about our gutter and roofing services, give Prominent Construction a call today! If you’re looking to increase your home’s value and energy efficient, check out our siding services.

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