Every Minnetonka home deserves beautiful, functional siding; lucky for you; we’re just the team for the job. Prominent Construction has long been the go-to company when Minnetonka homeowners are looking for outstanding siding services.  Siding is an excellent addition to any home, especially for homeowners looking to improve its curb appeal and weather protection. 

Popular Siding Options

At Prominent  Construction, we help Minnetonka homeowners find the siding best suited to their homes and budget. Using only the highest quality siding materials, here some of the siding options available: 

  • LP SmartSide
  • Fiber Cement Siding 
  • Hardie Board Siding
  • Stone Siding
  • Stucco Siding
  • Viny Siding 
  • Wood Siding


Advantages of Siding

You may be thinking that you can simply splash on a coat of paint on the exterior of your home and call it a day and that it would service the same purpose as siding. However, while a nice coat of paint can do a home wonders, it doesn’t measure up to a professional siding installation. These are some of the reasons why you should consider a Prominent Construction siding installation for your Minnetonka home: 

Significant Curb Appeal

Depending on the siding material you opt for, you can style and design your home’s siding to your liking. Siding is available in just about every color under the sun. There are hundreds of options available to you, and our siding specialists will help you coordinate these colors to create the home of your dreams. 

Energy Efficient

An excellent siding installation adds a layer of insulation to your home. This helps to keep it warmer during those intense Minnetonka winters. This insulation layer will help decrease your energy usage, thus lowering your energy bills and making your home a little more eco-friendly. 

Increased Home Value

A new siding installation can significantly increase your home’s value by improving your home’s curb appeal and insulation. For homeowners looking to sell their homes in a couple of years, a beautiful siding installation can increase your home’s resale value by more than 80% of the project’s price. 

Minnetonka’s Professional Siding Installation Team

As a local Minnetonka siding company, we’re committed to our community. We’ve spent years building our knowledge and skill to provide homeowners in Minnetonka with only the best siding services that money can buy. We offer a free consultation to homeowners to make sure that we’re the same page so that we can get started on transforming your home. For all your siding needs and more, give Prominent Construction a call today! If ever you need a gutter installed using premium materials, contact our Minnetonka’s gutter specialists.

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