When your roof needs to be replaced or repaired who do you call? We encourage you not to hire the first roofing company that comes knocking at your door. Among everything else, rest assured that your property is in the hands of a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced roofing contractor. Doing so will help protect your home, family, and wallet!

Overall, use good judgment when selecting a contractor; get to know them by asking them questions regarding their work. Most of the time you will be able to tell if their answers are sincere or if you need to keep looking.

Below are a few things to consider when searching for a reliable local roofing company:

  • Experience – even though a contractor may sound like they know what they’re doing if you have little to no roofing experience you could be fooled. Read online reviews about the company you are considering. Ask the roof replacement contractors how long they have been in the roofing business and ask to see some photos of previous projects.
  • Look Locally – when selecting a roofing expert within your community the chances of you being involved in a scam decrease. Local businesses are more familiar with local rules and regulations. You also have the advantage of receiving referrals and honest reviews from nearby friends and family.
  • Licensing and Insurance – prior to signing any contract or allowing roofers to begin working on your property, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. The contractor needs to have insurance for all employees in the case someone gets hurt on your property while carrying out a project. With no insurance and a hurt worker at your house, this could mean trouble for you.

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