We all know how easy it is to put off such an expense like getting a your roof replaced on your home. But with our affordable prices combined with our highly experienced roofing contractors, we would like to share with you some strong and valid reasons to get a new roof installed on your home. Even more, we also explain why it is better to get a new roof now instead of waiting. Continue reading our compelling reasons to get a new roof installed on your home.

  1. Materials age, and so does your roof!

Older roofs are made with older materials and minimal insulation and weatherproofing. These days, you are offered a variety of material choices for all your roofing needs and desires, which guarantees’ a longer roof life. We provide you with the choice of laminate shingles, metal, wood shake, and rubber. With top quality materials, you are looking at investing into a roof that will last for many years to come.

  1. Increase your home’s value.

With a brand-new roof, your home value will sky rocket! Of course, this is extremely helpful if you are trying to sell your house, as first impressions do count. Even if you are not selling your home, it still makes a beautiful, bold appearance. It may just be the odd shingle curling and buckling, or maybe a wonky valley, but a newer, stronger, tidier roof makes the world a difference, and it also means less work in the long run.

3. Lower energy bills

By getting a new roof installed, you are looking at increasing your energy efficiency and a huge decrease in bill payments! By installing a stronger roof with more modern materials, you are not only improving your home’s comfort and efficiency, but you are also reducing the heat island effect and saving energy.

  1. Better for your health.

While a new roof looks great and all from the curb, what is equally as important is the fact that you’re looking at increased ventilation, therefore, improving you and your family’s health. Without proper ventilation, moisture and heat build up in the attic and cause extensive damage to the rafters and sheathing, which then all lead to rotting.

  1. More reliable, maximized safety

Assuming you don’t know who built your roof before you moved in, you don’t know what materials they used, the techniques and processes. By getting a new roof, with the top, most durable materials, you can fully guarantee a safer home when heavy weather hits. Also, by selecting your own contractor to carry out the job, you also have the security in knowing who replaced your roof!

Alongside our 5 reasons to get new roof installed on your home, we also find that a lot of problems are not exactly clear to the naked eye. Weather damage can sometimes take weeks or years to show, and although considering a new roof is a huge decision, it’s an extremely important one at that! Contact our team of roofing specialists in Minneapolis today for a free quote, and for all general enquiries.

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