History of the Dunwoody College of Technology

Founded in 1914 as a technical institute, Dunwoody College of Technology was built using funds left by William Hood Dunwoody. He left three million dollars in his will to provide for a place where youth not educated due to prejudice, color or race could learn crafts and trade. With the newly acquired trades skills, such youth would enhance their performance in life.

Kate L. Dunwoody, his widow, left more funds when she died to run the college. The college grew over the years in terms of buildings, facilities and the number of students admitted to what it is today.

About Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody College of Technology was named after its founders, William and Kate Dunwoody. Located two-miles away from downtown Minneapolis, the technical school is privately-owned. Covering 15 acres of land, the college has access to the Parade Park, public transportation and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

In 2014, it was ranked by the News & World Report as America’s 61st best regional college in the Midwest.

Why Study at Dunwoody College of Technology

Dunwoody College of Technology provides at least 40 bachelors and associates degree and certificate programs. The academic programs are designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the technical field. Featuring nine departments, the college offers various programs, including robotics and manufacturing, construction science and building technology, computer technology and automotive technology, among others.

The most popular programs at the college are computer technology and automotive technology.  In addition to various academic programs to choose from, the college has invested in state-of-the-art academic facilities to support learning in all the different departments.

The educational space covering 300,000 square feet houses a library and specialized laboratories such as the automotive education laboratory. Moreover, the college issues every student with a laptop at the start of each academic semester. The laptops assist students to finish their class work using the most recent technology on the market.

Dunwoody College of Technology is a multi-cultural student community with students coming from different backgrounds and races. The college treats each student equally despite their imminent differences because we’re all the same irrespective of our looks and race. All students are given the same opportunities to excel in school for a better career and future.

Furthermore, Dunwoody College of Technology is based in a metropolitan area with access to residential areas, shopping malls, a good transportation network, schools and other social facilities. This ensures that students who stay off campus can still get to school on time for their classes. Even so, the university has several on-campus accommodation facilities to house students, especially new students.

Another reason to study at this college is that it has enough staff to cater for the needs of the different departments. For instance, the lecturers, cleaners and other staff are hired in sufficient numbers to cater for the needs of all the students at all times.

Whether you’re a resident of Minnesota or a foreign student, you’ll love studying at the Dunwoody College of Technology to master the skills needed in your line of work or trade.

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