While the rest of the country awaits the warm summer weather and is shaking off the last bits of the dreary winter weather, Minnesota’s climate decided it had other plans. On Monday, May 9th, some dark and threatening clouds rolled into Central Minnesota and the Twin Cities. These storm clouds brought incredibly high winds and some significant hail fall.


Meteorologists warned residents to stay inside and out of harm’s way and prepare for the second round of stormy weather expected to arrive late afternoon. When it did arrive, it looked completely different from the first round. Eastern parts of the Twin Cities were awash with 87-degree heat, the highest temperature the area has seen in nearly eight months. The high heat levels increased the risk of thunderstorms in the area as well as a possible tornado. Not long after the increase in temperatures, tornado warnings were set for parts of Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

Many residents took to social media to document their storm experiences. Some posted the golf ball-sized hail that slammed into their rooftops all afternoon and well into the evening. Others documented the formation of funnel clouds which luckily enough stopped short from turning into a full-fledged tornado. The high winds and heavy hailfall caused significant damage to homes, including the loosening of roofing materials, the destruction of gutters, the cracking and shattering of skylights and windows, and more. Some areas experienced downed powerlines and uprooted trees. There were also reports of several damaging lightning strikes, with one striking a tree and splitting it right down the middle.

During these types of storms, it is advised to take cover and remain out of harm’s way until the storm has passed. If your home has suffered some damage during this bout of stormy weather, do not hesitate to call Prominent Construction Roofing, the Twin Cities’ most reliable storm roof damage repair and replacement company. Spring and summer storms are a common occurrence in the Twin Cities area, so make sure that you’re prepared with the help of Prominent Construction Roofing.

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