So you’ve noticed that your roof may be a little worse for wear and you’re considering a roof replacement. Tackling a project like a roof replacement takes much planning, budgeting and consideration. When deciding on a roof, you want to be sure about the roofing option that you choose to go with.

So not only do you have to consult your schedule and your budget but now you also have to consider what the weatherman has to say. There are certain seasons in the year when it’s better to have your roof replaced than others. But ultimately, if your roof is significantly damaged its best to get started on that replacement as soon as possible.


Thinking about replacing your roof but you’re just not sure when is the best time, well, let us here at Prominent Construction break it down for you.


Spring And Fall

Spring and Fall are ultimately the best times to have your roofing replaced. The weather during these seasons are fairly moderate and extreme weather conditions are typically rare. There are no major storms, heavy rainfall or sweltering heatwaves beating down on the area and therefore allows roofing contractors to work on your roof undisturbed.

However, during Fall, Minneapolis receives the bulk of its rainfall. While it may not rain every single day and the rainfall is pretty moderate, it’s best to plan accordingly if you want your roof replacement to take place in the Fall.



The Minneapolis summer season can get pretty heated. The temperatures range from about 70℉ to about 80℉ and are accompanied by intense humidity. Ultimately, the summer season is the best time to have your roof replaced in Minneapolis but be sure to schedule your Minneapolis roofing contractor ahead of time as this season is our busiest.



The Minneapolis winter is cold and freezing. January and February are our coldest months, temperatures drop below zero and the city, homes and your roof is bound to be covered in inches of snow. Basically, this is not the best time to be replacing your roof. Certain roofing materials require heat to stay in place and working in the cold makes conditions a little difficult for even the most experienced roofers.


If you’re considering a roof replacement for your home, now would be the best time to give the top-rated Minneapolis roofers, Prominent Construction Roofing a call so that we can plan for your major home improvement project.

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