As the winter weather approaches, it becomes more and more important to get your home ready for the elements. In areas like Minnesota, where the weather can be extreme, you will want to make sure you are prepared to deal with whatever comes your way. Your roof is the first line of defense you have in the health of your home. 

What Your Roof Needs

With Eden Prairie spending most of the winter months below freezing, getting a good handle on roof winterizing is of utmost importance. Here are some steps to follow, to make sure you, your family, and your family home all remain safe throughout the season.

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Visual Roof Inspection

The first step you should take would be to inspect your roof visually. This can be done DIY or you can hire a professional, like Prominent Construction Roofing, to come out and take stock of the current status of your roof. You will want to look for:

  • Debris and tree limbs on your roof
  • Debris in gutters
  • Sagging areas of your roof
  • Each seal/flashing in valleys, chimneys, and around the ends of your shingles
  • Proper seal around vent hoods
  • Potentially dangerous tree limbs

Clean Away Debris

After inspection, you will want to start working to get your roof ready for winter. You will want to make sure you clear away any and all debris on your roof and in your gutters. Not doing this step can lead to a catastrophic buildup of snow and ice. 

winter roof prep, winter roof maintenance, winter roof damage

Fix Seals

If you find any areas where the seal has deteriorated, you will need to prioritize getting that re-sealed before snow, sleet, or rain can get into your house and start causing issues. You can also look into an all-over roof sealant, for added protection. 

Check Your Attic

Commonly overlooked, your attic can tell you quite a lot about the health of your roof. It also plays an important role when it comes to ventilating and insulating your home from the elements. Make sure you still have a good amount of insulation in each bay of your attic, as this will help cut down on any draftiness in those areas. 

Cut Down Dead/ Problematic Tree Limbs

Take special note of any tree limbs that may not be able to withstand another year of heavy snow and ice during your visual inspection. It may be best to cut these down before the season starts, so you don’t have an unexpected tree limb through your roof. While this can be costly, it may benefit you in the long run, not having to come up with the money in an emergency. 

Don’t DIY – Call Prominent Construction Roofing Today!

You don’t have to feel like this is all on your shoulders – call the professional roofers today at Prominent Construction Roofing! They will be able to come out and take an honest look at your home and situation as a whole. With decades of experience, they are the company to call when you are in need of a roofer in Eden Prairie.

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