Roofing contractor applying spray foam insulation on an attic in Minneapolis

Looking for a cost-effective way to regulate your home’s temperature? Get spray foam insulation!

Most homeowners are naive to the “invisible” cost of air leakage within the home. When warm air or cold air (depending on the season) has an easier passage of entering, you will not only feel the impact in temperature but in inflated energy costs too. Think, artificial cooling in summer and heating in winter.

If you’ve had enough of air leakage and high energy costs, you’re going to want to implement a solution like spray foam insulation. Spray foam forms an impenetrable barrier against air, thereby protecting the home against unwanted air leakage. They come in two varieties: open-cell or closed-cell spray foam, both of which can be installed by Prominent Construction Roofing.


Insulate Any Surface in and around the Home

Made of polyurethane foam, spray foam is blown onto roofs, walls, barriers and corners, resulting in many lasting benefits for the home. This tightly sealed barrier is what prevents unwanted hot or cold air from entering the home.


Extra Protection against Moisture

While spray foam insulation’s primary objective is to regulate the home’s internal temperatures, it also does the job of protecting the home against moisture. Moisture is the one thing homeowners do not want to enter the home, and this is the perfect add-on to existing moisture barriers!


Impervious to Mold and Rot

Mold and rot is a subtle but potentially very harmful factor impacting the health of your roof and other parts of the home. Some homeowners believe it’s inevitable that mold will arrive and cause damage. Thankfully, the polymers in spray form do not provide food for mold and bacteria, meaning they have no way of thriving.


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