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Stucco is one of the most popular siding materials used in modern construction. It’s an accessible and flexible siding option that provides a modern appearance for property owners. While it’s very prevalent in contemporary construction, many homeowners with older homes have chosen to change their siding to stucco as well.

Stucco is made using a mixture of water, aggregates, and binder. It comes together to create an attractive plaster that is perfect for almost any home design.

If you don’t have much experience in the building industry, you may find all your siding options confusing, but choosing the right siding material is critical if you want to ensure your home’s exterior is durable and retains its value.

Stucco Siding Benefits

At the end of the day, your home’s siding choice will depend on the features you gain from purchasing it. If you want to choose the right siding, it’s essential to look at the benefits associated with the material. The primary benefits you’ll gain if you decide to work with stucco siding, include:


Stucco can be customized to suit almost any design preference. It can be applied either smooth or rough, and you can choose from a range of different colors. This variety gives you the flexibility you need to ensure your stucco siding matches your current home’s design. It’s an excellent choice if you have a specific color or texture design in mind!


Stucco is a durable siding material that easily handles changing weather conditions. This is why you find this siding material in homes across the country—it’s suitable for any climate. Given that Minneapolis experiences a range of extreme weather conditions, it’s critical to use a siding material that can handle mixed conditions.

Fire Resistant

One of the most critical components of any home is safety. If you want you and your family to avoid a traumatic event, it’s essential to use building materials that don’t promote the spread of fire. Many stucco materials are fire resistant, which is a massive benefit if a fire breaks out in your home!


Lastly, stucco is one of the most affordable siding products available on the market. If you don’t have a large budget for your new siding, this is always an excellent option. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to install this type of siding on your home.

Best of all, while stucco is affordable, it also improves the aesthetic of your home, meaning it can raise the value of your current property!

Our Services

Prominent Construction is a full-scale construction company that offers a range of premium construction and installation services. Here are just a few of the stucco siding services we provide to Minneapolis clients.

Stucco Siding Installation

If you’re planning on building a new home or adding stucco to an existing home, you’ll need an installation team that can get the job done right. Our team has considerable experience installing stucco on homes and commercial properties. Using our team ensures that your stucco will be installed quickly and correctly!

Stucco Siding Replacement

If you already have stucco on your home, but you want to replace it or update it, our team provides a full-scale stucco siding replacement service. We’ll remove your current stucco siding and replace it with the new material of your choice. We’ll also take away all the old material to ensure that it doesn’t sit idly at your property!

Stucco Siding Repair

While stucco siding is affordable, this doesn’t mean you want to replace an entire wall or home if some of it is damaged. Our team can help you change small portions of your stucco, so it stays in line with the current texture and color of your home. It’s the perfect way to fix any problems with your existing stucco siding!

Stucco Siding Consultation

If you’re not ready to install a stucco wall, you may need to discuss your options with somebody. As experts in the industry, we’re on call to help you analyze your options and understand more about this unique siding material. If you give our team a call, we’re happy to discuss different types of stucco and whether it makes sense for your home or property.

A Stucco Siding Contractor You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a stucco siding company that can help you install, repair, or replace stucco on your home or commercial property, our team has the experience it takes to complete the job. We’ve worked on a range of complex stucco installation jobs, so we know what it takes to perfect your home or property’s stucco installation.

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