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Covering more than 8 million homes throughout the United States, James Hardie siding is considered some of the best in industry. The cement board siding is designed to last and tends to look great. Plus, it’s an ideal siding style in the brutal Minneapolis winters. Many homes in the Twin Cities are covered by Hardie siding.

At Prominent Construction, we recommend James Hardie siding in a variety of situations. Many homeowners have been thrilled with the product for decades. The products hold up to the brutal weather in the Twin Cities and continually look great. If you’re looking for a siding material that can withstand any any hail storm, you’ve found it.

Our team of expert contractors understands which applications James Hardie siding is best for and when to use other materials. First, this material is absolutely ideal if you’re looking for long-lasting siding. This material often comes with a 50-year warranty. You read that right! James Hardie siding often stays under warranty for five decades.

James Hardie Siding Minneapolis

The siding is also ideal for individuals looking for a variety of styling. Due to the unique nature of James Hardie products, this siding can mimic almost any look. Hardie siding can be made to look like cedar shingles, wood shake, wood lap, and more. Whatever look you’re going for, this siding can create it.

As well, James Hardie siding is low-maintenance. Typically, the only maintenance required is the occasional re-painting. This isn’t common, as you may need to repaint the boards once every 10-20 years. Overall, Hardie materials offer little to no maintenance.

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James Hardie siding has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere. As one of the most popular siding types in Minneapolis, many homeowners are curious about the product and if it would be a great fit for their home.

For most Minneapolis homes, James Hardie siding can be an exceptional fit. At Prominent Construction, we’ve installed the material on hundreds of homes throughout the Twin Cities. Hardie siding is absolutely ideal for the extreme weather found throughout the area.

No siding is perfect, and James Hardie material isn’t, either. The siding is more expensive than some other options. The pricing takes into account the incredible Hardie materials, extra labor costs, and intensive installation. However, many Minneapolis homeowners have found James Hardie siding to be more than worth the premium price. 

As Hardie siding is long-lasting and low maintenance, many have found the siding ends up being cheaper over the long run. It all depends how you look at things. Overall, we’re huge fans of James Hardie siding in Minneapolis. But there’s also other options, like LP SmartSide.

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