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Choosing a contractor to repair or replace your roof isn’t quite as simple as picking out a loaf of bread at the grocery store – it’s a high-involvement purchase that will affect the condition and value of your home for years to come. At Prominent Construction, we understand that you want the best for your Minnesota home, and that’s why we offer the best roofing services in the St Paul area. Our St Paul roofers are committed to quality roofing and the kind of great customer care that only a local small business can provide its community.

Our professional roofing services include storm damage repair, full and partial reroofing, and installing long-lasting roofs on new homes. At Prominent Construction, we promise to be professional in our service, fair in our pricing, and speedy in our service.


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New Roofing for Old Homes

We handle all roofing needs here at Prominent Construction.  The entire roofing system is very complex and your Prominent Construction representative will help you in understanding which materials you can afford and work best for you. With dozens of options in roofing material and warranties, the product you choose will impact the appearance of your home.

Perks of Hiring the Pros

new roof installationMany people try to save money by repairing or replacing their roof by themselves, but roof repair can be extremely dangerous if you’re not trained professionally. Roofing is much more complex than it looks, which is why you should trust the expertise of our St Paul MN roofers. Trust us, a broken leg from falling off of the roof is much more costly than our professional roofing services.

Even if you were to safely manage to repair your roof, the fix won’t last as long as a repair job done by a professional contractor. Prominent Construction guarantees that our roof repairs will last you years, not months, saving you time and money down the road. Best of all, choosing our expert roofing contractors in St Paul MN saves you the stress of a DIY job – just leave the planning, materials, repair, and cleanup to us.

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We Work with Your Insurance  

If you’re still convinced DIY is the way to go because you think it will save you money, you should know Prominent Construction works with your insurance provider to get you the most coverage possible. After we assess your roof for damage, we can take you step by step through the process of filing a claim. We’d never leave our customers out to dry – we know insurance can be a messy business, and so we’re committed to helping you through it.


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At Prominent Construction, we’ve gained a reputation in the Twin Cities community for our commitment to excellence in roofing and our above and beyond customer service. Our professional roofing contractors in St Paul, MN, are more than happy to come out and inspect your roof and determine if any work needs to be done. We offer service estimates at absolutely no cost to you. Get a free quote today!