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Prominent Construction, LLC is proud to serve as your Minnetonka roofing company. With over 50 thousand residents and being a part of the greater Minneapolis suburban area that is susceptible to the extreme weather of all four seasons, Minnetonka needs reliable roofing contractors meeting its needs.

hail-damage-to-roofProminent Construction, LLC provides comprehensive roofing services using experts in the field and only the very best, top warrantied materials. Roofing systems can be complicated, but with our wide array of expertise, we can take care of it all.

Whether you need roof installation, repairs, or replacement, we can handle it all at this Edina roofing company. The way our process works is:

  • Inspection: regardless of what type of service you need, we perform a thorough inspection of your roof to ensure we have a thorough understanding of all concerns and potential problems.
  • Estimate: we provide you with a free, written estimate of the services and their cost.
  • Excellence: we complete the work with care and excellence in a timely manner.
  • Warranty: we are confident in our work and in the materials we use, so all work is guaranteed and covered by

In Minnetonka, we offer:

  • Inspection
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
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Before we do any work, we will always perform a thorough preliminary inspection of your roof. This is to ensure that we fully understand the concern at hand as well as any potential underlying problems or potential problems down the road.

The more completely we can assess the condition of your roof and pinpoint everything that needs to be addressed, the more effective we can be for you and your home.


There are so many choices when it comes to the type of roof you can have installed for your home. It is both an aesthetic focal point that helps the house to come together and stand out visually, and probably the most important part of your house that protects you from weather of all kinds.

installing a roofWe know, though, that there is a lot that goes into determining the best roof type for your home. Our experts keep up with all the zoning laws, the homeowners’ association guidelines, and the necessary permits.

Besides all the regulatory factors, our experts are also well versed in the wide variety of roof types that you may want to have installed.

Our team can install:

  • shingle, including asphalt or cedar shake shingles
  • tile
  • metal
  • and flat roofs.

We know that having a roof installed is an expensive process, which is why:

1) we always provide a free estimate of the services before starting

2) we offer financing options and

3) we include so much in our installations: inspections, estimate, all permits, cleanup, warranties, and high quality materials.

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Whether small or major, Prominent Construction, LLC can take care of your roof repairs for you. We specialize in:

  • tile roof repair
  • tile replacement
  • shingle replacements
  • wind-lift damage repair
  • flat and tar repair
  • storm damage repairs/restoration
  • more!


Unfortunately, there are times when the damage to your roof is so substantial that it is ultimately in your best interest to replace the roof instead of repair it.

When the cost to replace the roof is actually less than what it would take to repair, or when the damage is so substantial as to endanger the integrity of the structure of the roof, it is time to replace, not repair.