Roof Repair Services: Damage to Your Roof?

If your roof is damaged and in need of repairs, our professionals can find the issue and resolve it fast.

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Unfortunately, there will come a time when your roof will be in disrepair and you’ll need an expert to come and fix it. We here at Prominent Construction, LLC can be the company to do that. Some people don’t realize the extent of natural damage that can happen to their roof.

While extreme weather like hail may cause sudden damage, unintentional lack of care and time are big causes for why roofs fall into disrepair. Be sure to keep an out for signs that your roof may need repair and be aware of some of the issues your roof may face.

Water damage can become a huge problem for your entire house if it’s coming from a leak in your roof. An obvious sign of water damage is a leaky roof and water stains on the ceiling, walls or pipes that vent through the roof. Water damage is not only something that can ruin the appearance of your beautiful home but poses a fire and health risk.

If water leaks on any wiring, it can cause the wires to short. The biggest concern of water damage is mold which can lead to serious health issues. Other signs that your roof may need repair is build up of debris (such as leaves and branches), signs of critters running around, and sagging areas which could signal structural issues.

What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking

When you do experience roof leakage, it’s important to take immediate action to stop further water damage. You first want to contain the leak by placing some type of container underneath the drip. This leak is probably caused by water pooling to one area of your ceiling. Poke a small hole in the area so the water can flow more easily and to prevent a wider area of damage.

shingles need repairing

After that take a step back and call a professional. At Prominent Construction LLC, we repair the source of the dripping quickly with our emergency roof repair.

Our roof leak repair starts with an inspection of the roof to find the source of the leak. We will then replace any shingles that are damaged and contributing to the leak, whether it be just a few or a whole section. We can also repair and replace tiles as well as provide flat and tar repair. No matter how big or small the leak is, we’ll be there to fix it properly and on time.

What’s the Cost of a Roof Repair?

While your main concern is how much damage the leak has caused to your home, the worry of cost has probably entered your thoughts. You can expect most roof repair jobs on average to cost somewhere between $300 to $1000. It’s a costly investment to fix a small problem but it’s almost always worth it and your homeowner’s insurance should cover some of the cost more often than not.

Remember to thoroughly inspect them to ensure it is, in fact, water damage when you see the signs of water damage. If you notice peeling paint, check to see if it’s damp. Cracks could be a sign of structural damage.

A Minneapolis Roof Repair Company You Can Trust

  • Free roof inspections for damage

  • Fix your roof fast with our expert roof consultants

  • Affordable, professional, and fully insured company

Weather can be seemingly unpredictable and potentially damaging. That is why our roof repair services offers more than just a new roof, we deliver roof repair that can’t be beat. Whether your home needs a few tiles replaced caused by a leaky roof, or even a large group of shingles, our team will ensure your roofing repair is done properly and on time. When contracting with us, you can expect the following:

  • A full roof inspection prior to repair
  • Tile roof repair
  • Tile replacement
  • Shingle replacements
  • Wind-lift damaged roof repair
  • Flat and tar repair
  • Much more!

All roofs are fully qualified for our repairs and inspections. Our emergency roof repair is also available for emergency damaged roofs. Our team fully understands that a roof is your most important asset. The smallest leak can cause considerable damage to a home, and we don’t want that! That is why you would call us to correct damage immediately.

Protect the Roof Over Your Head

In our inspections, we provide our customers with in-depth information about the issues we’ve found, how we plan to fix it, and an estimate of how much the repairs will cost you. Our team will provide information on what material is not only best for your budget but best for you

With our reputation for quality roofing in the Minneapolis area, we’ll work with you to fix whatever roofing issue you may have from roof leak repair to emergency roof repair. Get your free estimate on our website today. Learn more about our asphalt roofing service here.


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