Having a strong, fully functioning gutter on your home is essential. It directs all the rainwater away from your home, and when a gutter is clogged or not draining properly, it is just a recipe for disaster. Here we talk about how to avoid damage to your home with proper gutter maintenance. Read more to unravel how and why. 

cracked gutters Primarily, a debris-blocked gutter equals a leaky roof and water damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. You are looking at structural damage causing it to lead to congestion, which will seriously tamper with the systems draining ability. Without real gutter maintenance, you are also allowing rainwater to enter your home. This then creeps into your interior walls inside your home, which then encourages mould growth. Mould growing in the home is unpleasant and unhealthy which we could all do without. Lastly, a damaged gutter can also mean gutter drips into your attic insulation. This eventually means this vital component for insulation looses effectiveness, and you may be looking at higher energy bills.

To avoid all the above, we will provide you with some tips to ensure proper gutter maintenance. Start with a visual check.

Breaks and Cracks 

Go around your home and check for cracking and breakage, paying a lot of attention to the corners and the joints. A crack or break in these spots could result in much more damage to the guttering, better to find out now rather than later.

Blocks and Clogs 

What is equally as important as searching for breaks and cracks is searching for blockages and gutter clogging. Look for leaves and storm debris that can be trapped in the gutter and get lodged in the curves of the gutter pipes. For a proper gutter maintenance job, you want to completely clear the gutter of all debris and dirt, and leave it pretty much crystal clear to avoid any upcoming problems.


clogged gutters Lastly, it is important to consider the general design of your guttering. Is the gutter the appropriate length for your home? Do you have sufficient downpipes to relieve the gutters of all the water it’s collecting? Are all the pieces firmly attached? Because if your gutter is not able to properly and successful divert water away from your house, its best to seek out professional help and get them to look. You may need some additional components to add to your guttering system, or if it’s in very bad condition, a new guttering system altogether.

Overall, proper gutter maintenance is like a walk in the park and should be a regular part of your home maintenance schedule. The time spent cleaning and checking your gutter during the week and after heavy storms can benefit you hugely and protect you in the end. Why avoid something so simple, which can lead to extensive damage to your guttering and home in the future?

If you are having problems with your gutter, are thinking about getting a new one installed, or just have a general enquiry, get in touch with one of our experienced gutter installation contractors today for a free quote!

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