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If you’re looking for laminate shingles for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Laminate shingles prove quite handy and help protect your roofs from getting damaged and weakened from harsh Minnesota weather. They come in various designs and you can chose different shades and colors to get that perfect roof covering. Prominent Construction’s expert roof installers will get the best installation.

What Are Laminated Shingles?

Laminated shingles are also called architectural shingles and are more or less similar in nature to that of an asphalt shingle. Laminated shingles are quite compact since two or more asphalt shingles are combined together to give it a more reliable and compact body. Quite suitable and reliable, laminated fiberglass shingles are created by fastening two similar asphalt materials together.

When two asphalt materials are bonded together, this gives the shingle more thickness as well as an appearance of being three dimensional. Quite distinctive and valuable, the lamination materials in the form of fiberglass helps protect the roofing of the house in an impeccable and extraordinary manner. Laminate Shingle roofs are preferred by homeowners as they look similar to wood or slate shingles and provide beauty and style to any Minneapolis roofing project. The cost savings are impeccable and is a top reason my why many homeowners choose this route.

The Benefits of Laminate Shingle Roofs

The benefits seem to outweight the negatives when it comes to this type of roofing material. Here’s a few to key in on:

  • The asphalt material is equipped with colorful granules that prove quite effective for protection against the sun’s rays. This helps the shingle maintain its beauty as well as style for a longer time.
  • Bonded asphalts come with higher resistance from winds, hailstorms, and rain
  • The weight of the shingle as well as the sealant used for fastening proves quite vital and does not allow the air to flow through at all
  • The shingle sealant helps avoid water percolation. This proves quite beneficial and protects the house as well as the roof from getting affected or developing cracks.

With three dimensional designs, the fastened asphalt or architectural shingle can be designed in various contrasting shades and colors. This can really help you enhance the aesthetics of your roof as well as make it look stylish and beautiful.

With durability and reliability in every inch, laminated shingles sure seem to be the popular choice for a new roof. Proper care and coating is advisable to make them last as long as possible.

Ideal Places for Laminate Roofs?

There isn’t much doubt that laminate shingles are one of the most popular choices for roofing. The fastened asphalt material provides greater reliability and affordability than most.

Homes that are located in areas that face stark variations in temperature are quite perfect for laminated roofs. Commercial buildings that are susceptible to damage from water or sun rays can also be installed with double asphalt roofing for a longer lasting roof.

Durable and cost effective, laminated shingles can easily last for 30 to 40 years if maintained properly. If you’re looking to get started today, make sure you contact Prominent Construction for your free quote!

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