Whether your goal is to improve the appearance of your home, increase its value or prepare it for selling, upgrading your windows is a wise choice. Not only can new windows improve the value and curb appeal of your home, but almost 30% of a home’s energy can escape through poorly insulated windows, according to the US Department of Energy. Therefore, installing new windows can assist with your monthly energy bill as well.

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Keeping your home safe, secure, and comfortable is essential with home ownership. Windows play a vital role in each of those. But how do I know if I need new windows? Here is a list of considerations. 

    • Faulty Window Operation

    • Recurring Cold Drafts

    • Window Condensation

    • Able to Hear Outside Noise

    • Decay and/or Water Damage on Frames

    • High Energy Bills

    • Damaged Panes

    • Outdated Style

Once you have determined new windows are in your future, what are the benefits you can enjoy? Some of these items we have briefly touched on, but here is a more in-depth look at each benefit.


Increase Home Value

According to Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, new vinyl windows can return homeowners over 73% of the project cost of new windows upon resale of the home. That is simply amazing! Having new windows is certainly a selling point to consider. If your windows are old, tattered, and worn, a buyer may second guess putting in an offer on the home. Windows let the outside world in and should be enjoyed regardless of selling or not. 


Reduced Allergens

The new modern windows offer blinds to be built in between the panes of glass. Securely tucked away will allow the minimal collection of dust and allergens which can be unhealthy for the residents of the home. This feature will also allow for better safety of children and pets considering there are no strings attached. 


Home Security

Windows that are difficult to open, or have been painted shut, can cause a fire hazard. Each room needs a safe way to escape in case of fire. The new windows have safety features that allow for quick opening, and a way to depart the building in an emergency.

Secondly, for safety reasons and to protect a family and belongings, up-to-date locks and security sensors can offer peace of mind. 


Improved Climate Control

Those nasty chilly drafts can be eliminated with new, well-sealed windows and frames. Argon gas is now common between the panes of glass which helps to prevent heat transfer and reduces the ultraviolet rays that can enter a home. A tightly sealed home can keep the cold out, and the warmth in during the winter months in Minneapolis. 


Noise Reduction

Lawnmowers, children screaming on a playground, and dogs barking are all sounds that can be limited to the outdoors when you install new windows. The triple-pane glass and strong insulating frames will allow a soothing interior even when the world is noisy outside.


Energy Efficiency

Again, those drafts can be annoying when the monthly energy bill sucks the cash from your wallet. Many new windows offer ENERGY-STAR ratings and can help to lower utility costs. Your heating and cooling system will “thank” you, as will your budget. 

New windows can offer many solutions and provide a comfortable, safe, and secure environment for you and your family. Prominent Construction is here to help bring that comfort to your home. We offer a plethora of window styles and sizes to choose from. Everything from awning windows to upgraded casement windows, to elegant bay windows, we have them all. Contact us today and we can have one of our window specialists come and meet with you about your windows. We will take some measurements, and your new upgraded windows will be on their way! 

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