Living in the Minneapolis area, our homes can take quite a beating! The climate we encounter ranges from warm, wet, and muggy in the summer to frigid, windy, and snowy in the winter.  Interestingly enough, Volgograd Russia has temperatures most similar to those in Minneapolis! Throw in some high winds accompanying the occasional tornado, and hail and flooding just to keep life exciting. 

The homes we reside in have to be able to withstand every strange weather occurrence. We need to be comfortable with the indoor temperatures we set, our possessions should be protected and our families comfortable when the blizzards arrive mid-winter. 

The roof of a home holds more value than we consider on a daily basis. Many times, we don’t think about the integrity of our roof until it fails us. The wise homeowner will trust a local roofing contractor to assist with all roofing needs! Need Residential Roofing for a new roof installation?

What are some of the advantages of working with a local roofing contractor? Let’s explore some vital key points. 

Roofing Contractors Minneapolis


A local roofing company lives in the exact same weather conditions that you do. The same blizzard, the same heat wave, and the same mess to clean up after a hail storm. Their homes need to keep them safe, just like yours does! So, trust a local company that understands the struggles of the seasons. 

Prominent Construction of Minneapolis has been living and working in the area for years. We wouldn’t be anywhere else! We handle all roofing needs and first-hand understand the challenges Minnesotans can face. We have the experience and training to deliver the excellence you deserve.

Laws, Permits, and Rules

Building permits are required for re-roofing existing dwellings according to the Minnesota residential code. What other laws and permits are needed to work on a roof? Thankfully a local company understands everything that must be done to properly follow all laws. The “fly by night” storm-chasing contractors do not have all of the information or experience to properly follow the laws. Don’t get caught with additional fees because you chose to trust the wrong company. 


“Prompt”, “courteous”, “accurate” are the words a happy customer recently expressed to us regarding the work done on his property. We have an average of 4.8 out of 5 customers satisfied with our work performance and expertise. We have industry certifications with the National Roofing Contractors Association, Home Advisor, Owens Corning, and the Better Business Bureau. These distinguished companies trust in our work performance just as our customers do.

Better Craftmanship

Working in the Twin Cities area can have its challenges, but we seek to defeat these obstacles to provide the best products and services we can for you, our customers! Our installers are thoroughly trained and have exceptional customer service. This is what makes us stand out from our competition! We are not satisfied until you are! 

Experienced, licensed and insured professionals looking out for your best interest is what we offer to our neighbors. Prominent Construction Minneapolis delivers each and every time making us an elite local roofing company.

Call us to see just what we can do for you!

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