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Eliminate Gutter Clogs — Guaranteed! Prominent Construction is proud to be Minnesota’s only MasterShield Gutter Guard installer. 

Prominent Construction is Minnesota’s exclusive MasterShield Gutter Guard installation contractor.

Eliminate Gutter Clogs guaranteed with MasterShield Gutter Guards.

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Why Get MasterShield Gutter Guards?

  • MasterShield’s multi-patented microfiltration technology and flexible & strong contraction can block large debris
  • MasterShield gutter guards keep your rain gutters free form leaves, pine needles, animal nets, maple tree seeds, and more
  • The micro mesh gutter guards are constructed from high quality aluminum and surgical grade stainless steel.
  • For cold weather places like Minnesota, MasterShield offers heated gutter guards that stop ice dams and icicles before they get started!
  • Save time on maintenance and keep your family safe with gutters that you no longer need to get up and clean on the roof
  • Helps protect your home by filtering water away from your foundation of your home

MasterShield Warranty

  • If ANY professionally installed MasterShield gutter guard by Prominent Construction clogs, MasterShield will replace it or refund the original product cost
  • Transferable warranty if you sell your home

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Professional gutter guard installation throughout the Twin Cities.

  • Never deal with clogged gutters, again!

  • Clean and clear gutters equal no risk of overflowing or water damage

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Keeping your gutters clog-free and crystal clean is imperative to avoiding water damage. Overflow from clogged gutters can cause huge problems for many a homeowner. From attic leaks to basement flooding to siding damage – one clogged gutter can cause endless issues for your home.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Enter MasterShield gutter guards. With the wild weather facing the Twin Cities each and every year, these gutter guards offer huge benefits to your home. A gutter guard is a protective layer that is placed on top of your gutter. This covering allows water to enter, but blocks all other debris.

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At Prominent Construction, we know the value of these gutter guards. With a properly installed gutter guard, things like twigs, leaves, and acorns cannot get into your gutters ever, again. These debris often clog your gutter, but a gutter guard solves that problem and so much more.

When installing a gutter guard, you can eliminate these issues for the long haul. They provide a simple solution that protects your home from a plethora of moisture damage issues. Prominent Construction is the #1 gutter company in Minneapolis and can help you eliminate these issues and more by installing MasterShield gutter guards.

Stop wasting time cleaning your gutters. Start installing gutter guards!

  • Strong, long-lasting solutions for your gutters are available.

  • Get with the Minneapolis gutter guard experts, Prominent Construction, LLC.

  • We offer a number of different gutter guard options from MasterShield depending on your needs.

When investing in gutter guards in Minneapolis, you need to consider a few things before making a buying decision. First, you need to consider what type of materials and debris keep clogging your gutters. Think about the type of trees around you home, seed types, and the type of shingles on your roof.

Most gutter guards can filter all but the smallest debris away from your gutter. If shingle particles or small seeds seem to end up in your gutters, then a different type of guard may be required. Generally, gutter screens and covers will work perfectly for the vast majority of homes in the Twin Cities.

The most important aspect of finding the perfect guard for your home is the trees surrounding your home and their leaf type. At Prominent Construction, we understand which types of leaves work best with certain covers and screens. Through years of Minneapolis gutter guard installation, we can quickly determine which product will fit your home the best.

We always use high-quality, weather-resistant products to ensure your newly installed gutter guards cannot be damaged by inclement weather. While heavy winds or storms could cause issues to your gutter guards, our professional installation process strives to eliminate the majority of these issues before they occur.

Finally, we offer a wide variety of gutter guard stylings and colors. Our expert installers strive to create a seamless appearance with the screens and covers that adds value to the aesthetics of your home.

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