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One of the most common commercial roofing types in Minneapolis, modified bitumen is a great system for many commercial and residential applications. With the weather in our region, these roofing systems offer a single-ply membrane that is asphalt-based. This provides a waterproof seal and allows the material to resist even the most extreme of temperatures.

These certainly the only reasons to choose a modified bitumen system. In fact, there are many. At Prominent Construction, we find the roofing type to be especially popular in commercial building applications throughout the Twin Cities.

Bitumen Roofing Minneapolis

Modified bitumen roofing systems are so popular because they’re long lasting and highly durable. The superior waterproofing of the roofing type is also ideal in Minneapolis, especially in the colder months. As there are a plethora of application methods, your modified bitumen roofing system can be modified to your exact specifications. Plus, all modified bitumen systems are VOC-free.

Due to the unique installation process required, a modified bitumen roofing system must be installed by professionals. The single-ply membrane can be installed using three-foot rolls and flame heat. The torch-down system bonds the top to the base sheet. As well, a safer way to install this roofing system is through a self-adhesive style that only requires peel and stick. Either way, experience and understanding is essential to installing the system properly.

When waterproofing matters, modified bitumen roofing is what you need!

  • Ideal for any and all flat roofing projects.

  • The premier roofing type in extreme temperatures.

  • There’s a reason modified bitumen is so popular in commercial applications.

As Twin Cities commercial roofing experts, our team at Prominent Construction recommends modified bitumen systems for many companies and building throughout the region. In many instances, this roofing type is absolutely ideal.

One reason many clients love modified bitumen roofing so much is the durability. There isn’t a more durable roofing system in Minneapolis. Most consider these systems to be 2-3X stronger than a traditional tar and gravel flat roof. Due to the durability, this tough roofing type is also incredibly long lasting. It’s used on plenty of multi-family commercial roofs.

Modified bitumen roof repairs are fairly simple, as well. However, our team at Prominent Construction has found that routine maintenance and inspections of modified bitumen roofs can eliminate a majority of repair needs. By catching the minor issues before they become big problems, you can eliminate most repair issues with these roofing systems. Bi-annual maintenance is all that’s required.

Minneapolis bitumen roofing systems tend to last 10-20 years, depending on how well a maintenance plan is adhered to. By keeping water off the roof, these roofing systems also ensure buildings stay in great shape.

If you need a qualified Minneapolis commercial roofing contractor, our team at Prominent Construction is here to install the perfect system. Get in touch today to learn more about our offerings and get started on your next roofing project.

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