With Prominent Construction, our installation process is thorough, efficient, and long lasting. When you choose to have cedar shake roofing installed, you are promised a great deal of precision and dedication, and we will help you select the right cut, style, and shape of your shakes. No matter what shape or size your roof is, and if it is for your home, garage, or garden shed.

First, not only does cedar shake roofing on your home look absolutely stunning and unique, but you can also enjoy and take advantage of many benefits from having it installed. The durability, energy efficiency, and the resistant to heavy weather are just some to name a few! To reap the incredible benefits of cedar shake roofing, it does truly depend on ones individual needs. You will need to take into consideration various components such as your climate, your budget, the location of your home and its surroundings such as trees, and exposure to the sun. Once all the above is considered, you will be looking at an incredible end result.

wood shake shingles on roof Durability

Cedar wood is a long-lasting material, making it incredibly ideal roofing material. Not only is it long lasting, but it is also highly durable in heavy weather conditions such as intense rain, hail, snow and more. With cedar shake roofing outlasting other common roofing materials by at least 10 years, the material itself is enough reason to consider installing it!

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient 

Cedar shake roofing is not just an eco-friendly roofing material, but it is also very energy efficient. It can provide a great natural insulation, will then kindly allows you to conserve your home’s heating and cooling costs, which then works incredible favors for your energy bills. It simply keeps your warm in winter, and cool in the super hot summer. A cedar shake roof is also very light, so it is a material that breaths and provides you with an extra level of ventilation in your home.

Virtually No Maintenance

After installation, maintenance is a breeze. With cedar wood natural oils, you’re looking at no real maintenance work involved. The natural oils protect the cedar from insect and termite attacks, decay and mould, and weathering.

There is a cost difference between cedar shakes and cedar shingles, and many other roofing materials. With cedar shakes being thicker than shingles, a strong material and still being made by hand, it does mean that shakes take longer to install. Although the installation time is longer, and the cost is higher, you can simply guarantee an outstanding, breathtaking result that you can fully trust.

Cedar shake roofing currently stands as a highly promising and preferred option, so get in touch with our excellent, hard working, and highly experienced team of contractors today to find out more. You can only prepare yourself for the absolute best and the uppermost standard of service and roofing imaginable.

Get in touch with one of our experienced roofing contractors at Prominent Construction today for a free quote, and for all general enquiries.

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