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When major storms sweep through an area, the experience can be pretty traumatic. These storms often leave major destruction in its wake. It affects road networks, public buildings, transportation services, and even residential neighborhoods. When dealing with destruction on this level the last thing you want to be involved with is some sort of scam. Unfortunately, scams become more prevalent during times of crisis.

Storm Chasers are exactly the type of scammers who show up just after a storm has settled. Storm Chasers are fake or unqualified roofing and building contractors. They prey on people during their time of need and often scam people out of their insurance payouts. Their services, if they ever come around to actually working on your home, often leave your home in such disrepair that you would have to hire a new contractor to not only fix the original damage but also repair what the storm chasers broke.

Choosing a reliable roofing service provider is essential in a disaster situation, so make sure that you choose wisely. You can count on Prominent Construction for professional and reliable residential roof installation, commercial roof repair, and other roofing services in Minneapolis, MN.

Here’s how you can avoid pesky storm chasers:

Avoid Door-To-Door Contractors

Roofing contractors don’t usually go door-to-door pointing out your roofing issues like hail damage, wind damage and etc. If a roofing contractor is knocking on your door, chances are they just rode into town trying to make a quick buck off of vulnerable people.

Be Present for Roofing Inspections

It is best to be present when having your roof inspected. Often fake roofing contractors and scammers cause further damage to your roof while inspecting it, which gives them more work to do and you forking out more money.

Don’t Reveal Anything About Your Insurance Payout

Never reveal upfront the amount of your insurance payout. Revealing this amount may lead to the contractor increasing the amount of his quote, sometimes to the entirety of your insurance payout.

Always Get Multiple Quotes

Don’t rush and settle on the first best contractor that comes along. It is best to source multiple quotes from different roofing contractors so that you can not only compare prices but so that you can also scope which one offers the best services for your money.

Don’t Make Large Upfront Payments

Making large upfront payments, especially cash payments is largely discouraged. This is due to the fact that contractors may take off with your money. Cash payments also mean that there’s no paper trail to follow up with should anything go wrong. Professional roofing contractors usually only accept money once the job is done.

These are just some of the ways that storm chasers attempt to scam you out of your money and prey on you in your time of need. Make sure that you’re always alert and trust your instincts when things feel a little out of place.

Avoid Storm Chasers And Trust Minneapolis’ Number 1 Roofing Contractors

Prominent Construction, LLC – Roofing Pros promises only best in emergency roof repair and other roofing services in your area. Dealing with a storm is stressful enough, repairing your roof shouldn’t be. Call us today and we guarantee professional workmanship and excellent customer services.

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