Dark brooding clouds slowly rolled in early Tuesday morning, August 24th, across the Twin Cities area. The storm hit the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro just before 7 a.m.

The metro area was immediately placed on severe thunderstorm watch as weather professionals anticipated heavy rainfall, severe wind speeds, and large hail.

The National Weather Service requested that residents seek shelter promptly, preferably on the lowest floor of a stable building structure, until the severe thunderstorm warning expired.

The storm rolled in in two waves causing a heavy downpour that led to widespread traffic disruptions. Windspeeds were moving at rates upwards of 60mph, leading to more than 16,000 Twin Cities residents without power. The severe windspeeds downed several trees in areas across the state, causing multiple blocked roads and highways.

Residents in Mankato experienced 2 inches of rain and a few isolated incidences of hail 2 inches big. It’s been reported that the Twin Cities area received just over an inch of rainfall.

The cluster of thunderstorms battered the area until 9 am. Several residents took to social media to document the intense dark clouds covering the metro area and the storm’s onslaught in their parts of town.

Meteorologists informed residents to expect some more rainfall and stormy weather throughout the week.

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